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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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nation to unite on climatee change, on care for the needy and the sick, and on equal rights with a special emphasis on gay a on gay americans. republicans will not like much for on of what they heard, but at least for one day washington was the scene of pomp and pageantry, and celeb ceremony and celebration. the national mall was a sea of red, white, and blue as hundreds of thousands of people waved flags and cheered the president. americans from all over the land.♪ fro >> ♪ from sea to shining sea...♪ >> pelley: the day began withng a the first family attending at st. jo prayer service at st. john's church across from the what inaugurat white house an inauguration day tradition. later, it was off to the capitol for the inaugural ceremonies. >> i, joseph, r. biden jr. -- >> pelley: vice president joe biden was sworn in by supremee
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court justice sonia sotomayor. >> please raise your right hand. r >> pelley: then just before noon chief justice john robertserts administered the oath to the president. >> i, barack hussein obama, do >> i, solemnly swear... >> pelley: there were no slipups on the oath as there were last time.e read this year the chief justice read the oath off a note card. >> so help me god. >> pelley: in his inaugural address, the president said ad america's possibilities areica's poss limitless. >> my fellow americans, we arehis mo made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we seize itwe s together. >> pelley: beyonce wowed the crowd with her performance of the national anthem. >> ♪ by the dawn's early light...♪ >> pelley: then as the president then as t left the platform and headedtform and back inside the capital there was a poignant moment. mr. obama turned toward theam crowd on the mall.
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"i wan "i want to take a look one more time" he "i'll never see this again." at lunch in statuary hall members of congress and the president exchanged hosts, then the president toasted his wife. >> there is controversy aboutno the quality of the president, not the qu controversy about the quality of our current first lady. (applause) >> pelley: before leaving theth capitol, the president stoppedsident sto at a bus that martin luther king, jr., whose birth the nation celebrates today. the presidential limousine led the procession from capitol hillm capito stopping along pennsylvania avenue so the obamas could get out and walk part of the way-- to the delight of the crowd. the first lady was wearing a coat and dress by american designer tom brown. the vice president got out of his limo and well and made the day of a young constituent.back a back at the white house, therst fami president and the first family
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reviewed the inaugural parade with bands, float, and marchers representing every state in the union. and this evening, the obamas are attending two inaugural balls. we have a team of cbs news correspondents covering this inauguration. first, major garrett at the wh white house with more about theaddr address and the four years ahead. major? >> reporter: scott, president obama knows the debate over deficit reduction and entitlement programs like medicare, medicaid and social security is straight obama mr. obama used today's speech to tell skeptical republicans that these three pillars of the great society must remain. >> we, the people, still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity. we must make the hard choices toh care reduce the cost of health care an and the size of our deficit. (applause)
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but we reject the belief that america must choose the belief between caring about the generation that built this country and the investment inture. its future. >> reporter: for the first time, the push for gay rights was equated with earlier struggles with women's rights and civil rights. >> our journey isn't complete until our gay brothers andor t sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. (applause) righ for if we are truly created equal than surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. >> reporter: the president elevated man-made climate change higher than at any time since winning reelection, resurrecting an issue he's barely touched forly tou more than two years.n two ye >> some may still deny theill deny overwhelming judgment of science bu but none can avoid theg impact devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms.ith 11 mil >> reporter: with 11 million illegal immigrants in america,ngress to mr. obama called on congress topr
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provide a legal path tohip. citizenship. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. until bright young students and engineers are listed in our work force rather than expelled fromm our country. >> reporter: mr. obama also recalled the newtown shootingch cause massacre which caused him to push for gun control and a polarizing fight with congress he previously avoided. journey i >> our journey is not complete until all our children-- in the streets of detroit to the hills of appalachia to the quiet lands of newtown-- know that they are in th cared for and cherished and the qui always safe from harm. >> reporter: there was one line tailored specifically for republican audience, the call to reform or eliminate inefficient or irrelevant government programs.a that is a common and often ignored presidential refrain but scott, unavoidable budget new pressures may create new results.,
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>> pelley: major, thank you very a co we don't know a correspondent who's covered more inaugurationsffer, ou than bob schieffer, our chief wa washington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation." bob, how do you assess the day?inaugurati >> well, it was a very unusual inauguration speech, scott, in that there were no real memorable lines. there was no "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." there was no "ask not what your country can do for you" as jack kennedy did. this was more like a state of the union speech where the president listed his priorities. he did not particularly ask for help. rather he said we're all in this together and we won't solve it unless we are i think the left will like it a lot. the people on the right not so mu much. having said all of that, it wass a perfect day.utiful w it was a beautiful weather, the crowds were large, they were joyous and the most important thin thing, what was supposed to happen according to the constitution happened. s th the person who got the most the oat votes in november took the oath of o of office as president of the
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united states. that doesn't always happen in always ha other countries but it happened again in our country and that's a good thing. >> p >> pelley: bob, thanks. during our coverage today bob broke the news that house republicans will vote wednesdayt's to raise the government's borrowing limit for three months. that avoids a fight-- for now at least-- that could have led to america defaulting on its debts. here's congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> reporter: the speaker of the house-- who is so frequently at odds with the president-- strucko a conciliatory tone today. >> to you gentlemen i say>> congratulations and godspeed. >> reporter: and in a move seenmove see by some as an olive branch, hech, he and house republicans dropped their demand for deep spending cuts in exchange for raising thehe debt ceiling-- at least for now. it was partly a recognition that multiple showdowns over the debtcb
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and spending have hurt the g.o.p.'s standing with voters. a cbs news poll released lastal week found americans trust the president over congressional econ republicans to handle thea republic economy by 15 points.r john thune is a republican senator from south dakota. was this what the republicanrepublican party saying we're going too operate a little differently in a second president obama term?ell, i thi >> well, i think -- i do believe it's a recognition of politicalde reality. the pre we realize the president won the election and i -- so i think to some degree it was a recognition that for us to have a debateav about spending and debt we'vewe got to have the focus be on a and wha budget and what we're going to achieve a balanced budget over time. >> pelley: and that's why thee republicans have attached a caveat to their debt ceiling bill. they want senate democrats to do something they haven't done since 2009: pass a budget putting them on the record about to spend how much they want to spend next year and on what, scott. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. major garrett told us a momentrrett to ago the president cited the newtown tragedy in his inaugural his ina address and calling for new gun
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control measures but did thees but d president change any mindsge any m today? we ask we asked elaine quijano to find out. >> reporter: south philadelphia high school is in one of the toughest parts of the city. every one of principal otis toug hackney's students must pass through these metal detectors. you want to see tighter gun control measures?es >> most definitely. >> reporter: he watched the inauguration with his wife and daughter, nearly 1,300 people were shot in his city last year. like what would you like to see happen happen in the president's second term? >> i would like to see him continue to know so, you know, the time is now, we've seen what happened at sandy hook, philadelphia wean one mur averaged more than one murder per day last year and if it's not viewed as an epidemic, i don't know what else would be. >> reporter: tom mannewitz also watched the president. >> he would be willing to take away my liberties from the second amendment in a heart beat if he thought he could get away
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with it. >> reporter: mannewitz owns a shooting range in texas, a state with a with a million hunters, more than any other. >> everybody wants theirants their children to be safe but one person's opinion of how to do it is maybe different from another person's opinion how to do it.o do it. you're the one that's there, if you have the ability to defend yourself and take care of yourself and your family that'ss there the only resource you have. >> i don't want to take away people's second amendment's rights. we we as a country, do we see -- we see see a need to do something because how far does it need to go before we all back up and saygo befor "all right, this is not right"? >> reporter: the secondwas amendment was debated by the first congress here in the city of philadelphia and, scott, the current debate over gun control has created a rush at gun shops across the state.lvania's l pennsylvania's largest gun show week saw a record attendance this weekend. >> pelley: elaine, thank you very much.eric
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we have new information tonightin about americans killed in the terror attack in algeria. massive a snowstorm has caused a massive pileup in the midwest. and on and one contingent in ther eye. inaugural parade caught our eye. evening their story when the "cbs evening news" continues. where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup
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i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! >> pelley: we've learned today that three americans died in that terrorist attack in algeria last week. they're identified as victor lovelady, gordan rowan andey
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frederick buttaccico. several other americans survived. all of them were working at a gas processing plant in the sahara desert when it was overrun by terrorists. algerian forces attacked then terrorists in a battle that lasted four days. mark phillips has the latest. phill >> reporter: algerian forces had moved in for a final assault on the kidnappers they said because assa they threatened to blow up thed gas plant and execute their remaining hostages. the prime minister abdelmalek sellal provided the grim total:mi 37 foreigners dead so far, he said, including three americans. d victor lovelady, a 57-year-old from meadowland, texas, near huston, had only been working in the plant for ten days when the terrorist struck. b erin is his daughter. >> please don't go in, you don't have to go.don't nothing's happened there in so long and my friend has been there
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doing it for so long and it's so safe, we have protection.nd >> reporter: but there was no >> there was no protection from the kidnapper's arsenal. they had come ready for a fight and 29 of them died. that didn't stop the release of a video whose self-proclaimed mass brigade carried out the attack. he told muss -- muslims would be attacked. while hiding in the plant, this scottsman managed to call his family, but what did he tell them. >> i didn't want my last words to be telling a lie, you know. >> ton governed expanse of the north african desert has become
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the latest battleground in the war against terrorism. the tragedy has become the latest but likely not the last battle. mark phillips cbs news london. one woman fought to keep her immigrant family from being deported. what does she want from the president in his second term? that's next. to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. i get so worried today when someone in my family gets the flu. fact: advil not only relieves body aches and pains that can come with the flu it also reduces fever fast. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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a bill through congress will be a challenge. we asked bill whitaker to show us what is at stake. >> we need this president to push as hard as he can for immigration reform this year. latinos have cared about it and the election showed it. >> she crossed the border from mexico with her mother when she was 11. >> when you crossed the border illegally, what do you say to people to tell you that? >> give us a chance to give back to the country. we have a lot to continue >> president obama's deferred deportation program allows those who came illegally as children to work and study in the u.s. >> it would definitely be a dream come true to become a citizen. >> she recently lived every illegal immigrant's nightmare. federal agents took her mother
5:50 pm
and brother to be deported. she posted this youtube video. >> it needs to stop. we need to do something. we need to stop separating families. >> word went out on twitter and facebook. >> one organization was able to get 18,000 petitions in a matter of 12 hours. >> she even got members of congress to call immigration authorities. her brother and mother were relisted within 24 hours. she points out, a record almost 410,000 undocumented immigrants were deported last year. >> this is why we need immigration reform. >> you think it will happen? >> i think it has to happen. >> hispanic political power helped release her mother, elect the president. soon she is convinced it will pass citizenship for people like her. bill whitaker.
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a beautiful day for inauguration. got up to about 47 degrees. through much of the country it is bitter weather. in ohio, whiteout conditions caused four pileups. one involved as many as 85 cars. at least 20 were injured. there were frigidded temperatures in the upper midwest. factor in the wind chills and some places felt colder than 20 or 30 degrees below zero. a very special group of veterans marched in the inaugural parade. we will have their story, next. the coughequences™. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed
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of the count down to super bowl 47 is on. tonight, how one group of bay area 9ers fans see themselves as the future of the franchise, next. the president's "we the people" address today was about equality and diversity. it had special meaning to one of the 60 groups invited to march. a team of women with deep roots in this land. byron pits has their story. >> they often perform to a sound sentries old.
5:55 pm
they are the first native american color guard. all veterans, all proud of the nation they serve. the group's founder served two tours in iraq. >> the heart beat of america. we are americans. we're still here. i think we're even stronger now than we were before. >> nearly 5,000 native american women have served in iraq and afghanistan wars. sergeant big man's grandmother served in world war ii. >> she was small. she was only 5 feet and maybe 100 pounds. but they say she was one of the meanest ones they had >> sounds like her granddaughter is like her. >> i know. >> unemployment was high. alcoholism and domestic violence were chronic so she enlisted at age 21 and became a mechanic supporting a combat
5:56 pm
batallion. >> i was female. when i showed up they were days pointed. i had prove myself three times as hard sometimes. >> and she did. when she retired after two decades she founded the native american women warriors including all ranks and branches of service. they promote equality in the military. >> american women warriors. >> in today's parade they displayed tear badges worn under dresses, dresses worn during a traditional dance. >> time for us to heal as veterans and a mission. >> so, you want to share some of that with everyone? >> uh-huh. yeah. >> healing for the warriors like for the nation they serve, she said, is something worth dancing about today, any day.
5:57 pm
byron pits, cbs news washington. >> that's the cbs evening news for tonight. with thanks to the jones day law firm for this view of the capitol and from all of us at cbs all around the world, i am scott pelly. we leave you now with james taylor's inaugural tribute. good night. ♪ america god shed his grace on thee. and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. i am elizabeth cook. >> i am allen martin. tonight we begin the count down to super bowl 47 right here on cbs 5. right away the talk is
5:58 pm
about the two brothers facing off. >> jim harbaugh met with reporters and said he is trying to keep the focus where it belongs. >> every moment you talk about myself or john, it is less time the players will be talked about. >> after his brother coach harbaugh says they exchanged a text mess and or two but what is about it. his focus is getting his team ready. the 49ers got back home just before midnight. they boarded the bus headed to the training facility then home to their families. today people around the bay area are putting down plenty of cash to get themselves 49ers fashion. gold san francisco jackets going for 130d. jerseys for 50. other gear for whatever you're willing to spend. we have team coverage of the lead up to san francisco's
5:59 pm
6th super bowl appearance. ken bastida is with the fans. but first len ramirez shows us how the 9ers new stadium is becoming ground zero for sports renaissance and sorts. len. >> reporter: that is right. the city of santa clara has been the home of the 49ers training facility since the 1980s. but in a couple years the 49ers will complete their transition to the south bay. >> the bars on broadway will always be full of the 49er faith 68 -- faithful. but p they win the lombardy trophy will come home. >> brand new stadium out here. brand new in santa clara. >> santa clara is the 49ers future in everything but the name. >> we will let the police pay for it and take care of and


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